What I bring to my clients is Passion, Energy, and Professional Skills. I provide experience, inspiration, & empowerment to achieve the result you want.

I have the ability to help the client create the vibe or look they want for their space. I strive to create a look on a reasonable budget. My motto is beauty on a budget!

We will get to work & have a great time. My goal is to get through the tough stuff so we can get to the fun stuff! It’s great to see a client’s face satisfied & full of joy when we have finished the project.

I am here to support you on a beautiful journey of transformation. We are going to rock it!


Let’s do this!

“Erin Sur’s coaching has been invaluable to me. It has given me incredible insights into myself and has helped me where I want to evolve in my life. Erin is a perceptive, compassionate coach, who is somehow able to translate inner yearnings into real practical steps for changing your life. It was a fun and revealing process of self-discovery. I always felt I was moving forward with her coaching. If you need the help of a life coach to take your life to the next level, I would recommend her without reservation.”

— Hailey Stewart, San Diego, CA